Every person is unique – also in their approach to personal risk – for example, when assessing an investment. A risk analysis must therefore always be tailored to individual circumstance.

In provision consultancy, there are two different types of risk: first, the personal risk of disability or premature death, and second, the risk of financial investments.

In our initial consultation, the first risk must be narrowed down individually with you and then covered accordingly. Based on your life situation, the consultant knows which product gives you the security you need. VVK AG’s consultants will always advise you to choose the most suitable hedging product for you.

The second risk, making financial investments, is determined by means of a questionnaire. Thereby, your risk capacity, i.e. how much you could invest, and your risk tolerance, i.e. how much you want to invest, are taken as the basis for all investment decisions.

Your individual risk profile shows your consultant what your relationship to money is generally, and in particular to an investment. Your personal investment concept is set up accordingly.