VVK Vorsorge- und Vermögenskonzepte AG (VVK)

VVK AG has been advising private persons, families, associations, as well as SMEs and their owners in all areas of provision through its tailor-made provision plan for more than 20 years. The experience accumulated from over 10,000 consultations and the insights gained from them for future-proof provision consultation, led to an expansion of the company in the area of consulting services and enabled a forward-looking offer of additional services.

VVK AG’s broadly diversified asset management is based on the value investing concept (Graham/Dodd), on unlisted bonds, as well as other provision products.

Existing authorisations: authorisation of the supervisory occupational benefit plan for investment consultation of pension funds, asset managers with a subordination to the PolyAsset, MLA-regulated financial services provider with a subordination to the PolyReg self-regulatory organisation.

The VVK philosophy

Traditional values, trust, ethics, sustainability, and professionalism have been the cornerstones of our operations for 20 years, and our customers feel that.

Just like the Silvesterchläuse in Appenzell wishes people health and happiness year are year, our work is based on the basic principles of human coexistence every day.


The VVK Group

The digitisation of the working world, the entire financial industry, and the provision institutes poses new challenges for private persons and financial service providers. Simultaneously, increasing regulation is taking place at the legislative level, while the hurdles of achieving the regulation continue to rise. The VVK Group was created to respond to these and future changes in a timely and appropriate manner. The Group’s goal is to be well prepared for future developments.


Auditing body: self-regulatory organisation (SRO) PolyReg & PolyAsset

Only those who fulfil the quality criteria of the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) in terms of training, consultation quality, professional experience, and further education may advise customers as independent financial service providers in Switzerland. The annual audit is carried out by a so-called self-regulatory organisation (SRO) controlled by FINMA.



We count several large Swiss associations as our partners.