Bond in Swiss franc. The capital, or parts thereof on request, is already available to you after one year!

CreditGate24 stands for fairness, security, and transparency

CreditGate24 is an independent lending platform in Switzerland. The platform offers loans to private individuals, self-employed persons, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) on fair terms in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. It has developed into one of the largest lending platforms in Switzerland since it began in 2015.



The investment funds of this bond are exclusively provided to good to very good debtors. Every debtor has a rating of A, AA, or AAA. Examples of these 3 rating categories to follow:

A private person renovates their self-occupied property and takes out a loan in addition to their mortgage. This is collateralised by the property.

For example, a Swiss SME has a well-running business. He operates it with the assistance of several bank loans. He can now get lower interest rates thanks to CG24. The banks have already verified his creditworthiness, otherwise he would not have received loans in the first place. CG24 will check this information again and he will be placed in the AA category. He is now covered by our tranche. With your investment, you help lower the interest rates for an SME to make their business more profitable and their jobs more long-term.

Based on a good order position, a logistics company expands its fleet and takes out a loan to do so. This is additionally collateralised with a private security.