Your individual investment analysis

After major financial crises, stock investments such as shares, bonds, or funds – regardless of who recommended them –can still be rather poor-looking a decade later. Thanks to our provision plan, you did already save on taxes and/or expected returns from unlisted investments, but the financial loss of the fluctuating investments is irritating for all involved.


Of course, based on experience, this is only a snapshot and if you keep it together, the problem solves itself. That’s why we always look for sufficient liquidity reserves when planning your investments. However, inexperienced investors get influenced by many things and often rush into searching for new solutions. That’s why we developed the VVK value investment concept for our customers.

We are also happy to analyse your existing financial investments for possible weaknesses and risks, free of charge and without any obligation.

VVK consistent approach to investing in unlisted bonds and VVK value fund strategies is a unique approach on the market.

When purchasing directly from the fund or bond provider, a level of fees is skipped and you can benefit from the purchase of valuable fixed assets at a low purchase price right from the start. This concept brings long-term desired success – as proven for years – at a manageable risk.

After more than twenty years of experience, we are certain that the investment categories, which we have found for you after intensive review of the market, offer an attractive investment concept for all our customers. 

Investment risk profile

Burying your head in the sand is just as incorrect as closing your eyes to risks. All financial investments carry with them a risk, all the way to a total loss of your investment. If you know this, you will invest more carefully and prudentially.

You adapt your behaviour to the possible risks and create reserves for any lean years. Thanks to the provision plan, you have an overview and know where you stand.

That’s why the risk profile of one’s own preferences and of possible investments is the basis of comprehensive consultation. The profile analysis shows whether you should even invest in fluctuating investments or whether the risks seem too high.

But, it also shows whether one can venture into investing in a riskier project with greater return potential. Anyone who, within the VVK investment concept or based on the provision plan, has sufficient reserves in bank accounts, in unlisted products, or in real estate, can definitely invest in fluctuating or riskier investments over the long term.