Household budget

The household budget is the fundament for every consultation. Without an overview, neither you nor your consultant know, for example, how much you still need to save for early retirement.

Provision workshop 

VVK workshops are premised on the experience of 20 years of provision consultancy for the members of large-scale Swiss associations and answer all questions regarding your private provision.

Your provision plan

A provision plan that is customised, simple, and clear, will offer you an optimisation potential of between CHF 5,000 and CHF 60,000.

Provision check

To your individual financial provision analysis in 8 steps. Find out whether your pension is enough, how you can save on taxes, and how to enjoy your retirement without any financial worries.

The trusted partner of large Swiss associations for their employees’ provision plans

For more than 20 years, VVK AG has been a consultant for the members of large Swiss associations in all areas of provision through their provision plans tailored to each situation. As a member of the VVK AG associations, you benefit from a comprehensive offer and legally compliant and tried-and-tested consultation in terms of saving, investing, and provisioning:

  • Free provision check
  • Free provision workshop on all topics surrounding provision
  • Free initial appointment and consultation on your household budget
  • Discount on the provision plan

Provision options for your current life situation

Different areas of provision and investment are important in different life situations. Click on the appropriate tile for your current life situation and find out which VVK AG offers best suit you in this phase of life.