The VVK philosophy

Traditional values, trust, ethics, sustainability, and professionalism have been the cornerstones of our operations for 20 years, and our customers feel that.

Just like the Silvesterchläuse in Appenzell wishes people health and happiness year are year, our work is based on the basic principles of human coexistence every day.

Traditional values
We advise you the way we would like to be advised. Honestly.

Our customers can rely on us. Right from the beginning.

We respect our customers as people. Always.

We care about the future. Also in the future.

We are well educated. And are experienced.

Providers and products
We set the same high standards for the suppliers of the products we recommend, as we do for the products themselves.

Our employees’ remuneration depends on the quality and not the quantity of their results or their gender.

May be larger and more present in the media. We are VVK AG.

These are our goals

  • Comprehensively prepare our customers’ retirement.
  • Correctly plan early retirement and easily enable it.
  • Fulfil your financial wishes.
  • Optimise your taxes.
  • Secure your current life situation optimally.
  • Preserve and grow your assets over the long term.
  • Get good returns for our customers with high security.
  • Share our knowledge and experience with our customers as well as the participants of our workshops.
  • Offer full transparency at every consulting stage and on costs.
  • Save up on your taxes and charges