The foundation for every future financial decision

With a VVK provision plan, you know

… whether and when you can go into retirement prematurely
… whether your family is covered
… that you are paying taxes optimally
… whether you should obtain the pension fund money as a pension or as capital
… how and when your investments will be paid out.

That gives you security and assurance, for years.

Your provision plan – a tailor-made one-off – blends your ideas and financial circumstances with our experience, gathered over the past 20 years from thousands of consultations with an immense amount of satisfied members of our partner associations. This gives you an overview of your financial situation, risk approach, and investment options.

The shortest way to a legally compliant and tried and tested retirement plan:

  1.  Visit a free VVK provision workshop (voluntary)
  2. Make an appointment for a non-binding provision check ( | 071 333 46 46)
  3. Fill in household budget and prepare data
  4. Discuss your data with the VVK consultants and develop first scenarios
  5. Have your provision plan, the foundation for every future financial decision, created.
  6. Be well-informed and make your own provision, savings, and investment decisions
  7. Look forward to your (early) retirement

‘VOPLA® Life Protect®’ pension analysis – getting it right from the start

VOPLA® Life Protect® helps people to better understand their financial situation from when they start out in their working lives up to the age of around 40, and is the beginning of a secure retirement plan. You will receive a family risk analysis, and in the event of any gaps you can calculate the necessary coverage for those involved easily and correctly. This analysis is used for any insurance consulting, any related investment consulting, and any change in your risk profile.

Provision plan = VOPLA® LifeProtect® – Request information

‘VOPLA® Pension Protect®’ financial and pension analysis – understanding your pension situation and paving the way to a secure retirement

VOPLA® Pension Protect® is worthwhile for those over the age of around 40, and primarily serves to optimise your planned retirement age and tax savings. You will get a tax optimisation with mostly high tax savings (on average tens of thousands of francs), an optimisation of the pension fund situation with additional payments and/or lump-sum withdrawals, a review of the coverage for those involved, and an optimised pension plan covering the 3 pillars of the Swiss social security system.
Provision plan for retirement = VOPLA® PensionProtect® – Request information

‘VOPLA® Value Protect®’ financial and pension analysis – all you have to do is relax and enjoy your retirement

VOPLA® Value Protect® helps people to financially optimise their lives after retirement. It offers a detailed overview of assets, shows the changes in your household budget after retirement, and if necessary provides an overview of the planned consumption of assets, asset optimisation, tax-optimised estate planning, and lifelong support by an authorised representative (patient decree, advance healthcare directive, will, marriage contract, etc.). The risk scenarios in the event of your partner’s premature death and its effects, such as the portability of the property, assisted living, care service costs, etc., can also be planned here.
Provision plan for after retirement = VOPLA® ValueProtect® – Request information