Invest indirectly in a global, technological growth market with a bond in Swiss franc

Industry 4.0 is a term that goes back to the research union for a high-tech strategy of the German Federal Government. Industrial production is interlinked with modern information and communication technology. The technical bases for this are intelligent and digitally interconnected systems, e.g. through RFID (see below). This enables largely self-organised production: people, machines, systems, logistics, and products communicate and cooperate directly with each other in Industry 4.0. The interconnectedness not only optimises one production step, but also an entire value chain.


RFID (radio-frequency identification) and Industry 4.0

RFID, “identification with the assistance of electromagnetic waves”, refers to a technology for transmitter-receiver systems for the automatic, contactless identification and localisation of objects and living beings, as well as the measurement and evaluation of data with radio waves.

The exchange of information between cloud systems is sure to play an increasingly central role in coming years. RFID offers flexible solutions. Whether in your private life or in everyday professional life, in matters of international security, or personal leisure activities – through its cross-sector fields of application – RFID presents a cross-sectional technology with enormous potential for the future. Scientific studies* assume that the market will amount to more than 18 billion USD by 2026.

*RFID Forecasts, Players and Opportunities 2016-2026 The complete analysis of the global RFID industry 

Invest in the market leader of an expanding market

Among other things, the corporate group owns the leading provider of mobile security and communication solutions responsible for over 100 retirement homes in Switzerland. It also provides end-to-end solutions for personal protection on international oil platforms and in mines. Merging automotive components, tracing goods at airports, and monitoring the temperature of refrigerated containers on the oceans and at major ports, the company, as the market leader, offers end-to-end solutions to a broad range of customers in identifying individual persons and objects with the assistance of electromagnetic waves in the respective technology.

The issuer of the bond, headquartered in Eschen (FL), is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the consortium. It is an evident specialist in the issuance of bearer bonds (bonds) and invests with a loan in the shareholdings of the consortium.

In doing so, the resources raised by the issuer are invested indirectly in the market leader of RFID technology. It thereby supports the growth of the individual markets. For the business group, the chosen funding model for the bond is a favourable alternative to a bank loan.