Investing in sustainable European timber production – watching your money grow

Wood is an ideal investment product that is sustainable and has intrinsic value, and which offers the best possible diversification of our clients’ investment portfolios. You protect the naturally growing trees and rainforests and help to absorb harmful CO2. Wood is THE renewable raw material of the future.

In Germany alone, in 2020 there will be a coverage gap of about 30 million m3 of wood annually, and across the EU even as much as 436 million m3 of wood annually (Source: Wald & Holz 3/10, Michael Funk of Zellstoff Stendal Holz).

The growing global population and the rising capital capacities of the Asian middle class have been driving up demand for timber for decades. To meet this growing demand in a sustainable manner, but not further increase the utilisation pressure on the natural forests, the transfer of timber production to agricultural land has become advisable and necessary.

Due to an EU-wide change in legislation, it has been possible to also use this effective form of timber production in Europe since 2009. This change in legislation especially serves the protection of natural forests. Moreover, previously over-utilised agricultural fields are being renaturalised by the deep-rooted trees.

 Kiri tree – very own precious wood type

In research and breeding work conducted over several years, the company selected special, fast-growing tree species. The German Bundessortenamt has issued a 30-year species protection on this special species. These precious wood types are specially adapted to the European climatic conditions and are broadly diversified in regions selected according to various criteria (wind protection, soil conditions, duration of sunshine, etc.) and cultivated with high yield security.

This company philosophy combines economic advantages with the protection of nature, and offers investors profitable long-term investments in ecologically sustainable fields of trees.

 These are the advantages of a kiri wood bond

  • Stabilises every investor’s portfolio
  • Transparency because of locations in Germany and Spain
  • Climate protection through CO2 absorption
  • Wood beats gold and grows irrespective of a financial crisis
  • Ecological asset value
  • Protection of natural forests
  • Ethically sound
  • Inflation protection
  • To protect future generations

 Climate protection and capital preservation

An investment of CHF 10,000 equals around 100 trees, and thanks to the high photosynthesis of the large leaves, they absorb around 2.5 tonnes of CO2 annually – which means that a car can on average be driven CO2-free for 13,000 km per year! In addition to climate protection, the kiri fields concept developed by WeGrow is a respectable and logical business model, and thus a long-term capital investment that need not shy away from comparisons to “normal” financial products in terms of returns. .

The investment security is also very high due to the fields being insured against storms and fire. By reason of natural conditions, the interest payment is adapted to the natural growth and the resulting use; in the first five years, the investor receives 2% interest, this increases by 2% until the tenth year. This results in the equivalent of 5% interest p.a. for 10 years.

 Cross-generational investment

Parents and grandparents can offer their children and grandchildren a long-term capital investment. Starting at an investment of only 100 trees, a connecting theme is created over a period of 10 years; you can go on excursions to your “own” tree fields and experience growth together. After repayment has been completed, the capital that has grown over the years can be used, for example, for the children’s education and the parents/grandparents have benefited from the interest over the 10 years