Investment and asset consulting

VVK AG’s innovative and balanced investment concept with unlisted bonds and VVK’s value fund strategies remove the tedious search for investments.

What are bonds?

With a bond, you lend companies money and receive interest. Bonds are fixed-income securities. They are issued by companies, cantons, and states.

Invest like Warren Buffet – with a safety margin

With the assistance of the widely diversified Value Fund Strategies of VVK AG, smaller investors can also benefit from the advantages of Value Investing. From the value funds that are offered in Switzerland today, asset manager, Dr Oxana Bärtsch of VVK AG, establishes four strategies with different risk profiles, i.e. different proportions of shares and/or bonds. 70% of all VVK Value Fund Strategies are invested or hedged in Swiss francs.

We look forward to accompanying and advising you on your path to Value Investing.

If fixed assets are sensibly distributed (diversified), the result is a customised balance between security and return for the investor. The risk is distributed. Our investment categories also cover your needs comprehensively from this point of view. Inexpensive, simple, and transparent.